Video Demonstration On How To Handle The Color Tester

Previously, colorists paid for the tester-tools and books but were trained at no charge.  The great internet and website response has changed everything – The Science of Personal Dress eBook is so well structured that people can now train on their own if they have a few tools.  With this color-tester, you can see your best colors for yourself and how they compare with other season colors.
You will even expand into your inter-season balanced colors (and have the fun of assisting your family and friends.)  The 60 color testers are arranged in harmonic sequence and include 20 half-page testers to determine contrast and show how to combine warm and cool colors in clothing.  Most importantly, the tester has detailed instructions on how to attain the ultimate fine-tuned color analysis.

Major unique features of The Science of Personal Dress Complete Study

 video-demo-page-pic1.  Presented for the first time, hair and eye colors sorted, vibrationally arranged in order and illustrated in harmonic sequence of warm, cool and balanced colors.

2.  Determined by The Law of Attraction, colors are syndhronized to resonate with the innate colors in person;s skin, hair and eyes.

3.  Includes characterisitcs of each Inter-season trait and explains the reasoning behind each association.

4.  Step by step instruction how to combine Homebase colors with Inter-season colors and explains the reasoning behind each association.

5.  A study of body types based on geometric forms and clothing lines which align with each body shape providing new parameters for measuring.

6.  Detailed clothing lines illustrated for each body shape. All categories of clothing, hair styles, shoes and accessory lines itemized and delineated for each body type.

7.  Full teaching how size of face features impact lines, designs and pattern.

8.  Men also. Completely illustrated and covered.