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REVIEWS | The Science of Personal Dress | Color Analysis


Dear Irenee,  Thank you, thank you, thank you…

For teaching me how to look at my body and understand not only my colors, but my body shape and the actual lines, textures and detail lines that flatter it, and even the impact that the design and spacing of my features have on the size of those lines.  And how to be able to look at a piece of clothing and know what statement it is making.  I think that has been the most valuable tool of all    it’s been almost like learning a foreign language or breaking a secret code!  I can really “see” what I have merely looked at in the past.paula


Already I’m blown away by the effort you have put into this book.  You have skillfully presented all the important theories and concepts of  color and line in a well written and illustrated book.    Donna Cognac,  AICI, CIP

I started reading last night and could not stop until 5 AM!!! – Please take it as a compliment! Yours is the most complete and comprehensible study I’ve ever read on the subject. All my life I have been fascinated with color and how it changes throughout a day or a season. This endless variety is mesmerizing! For years I struggled to determine my best color family, range and style and made my fair share of fashion faux pas before I figured out what works. I was thrilled to find some of my intuitive discoveries confirmed and explained in your book. I can see myself returning to it again and again. You have another fan. — Valeria Pruett, Illinois

I have to tell you, I sought out experts in the field and I own 19 books on color, line and personality…your book makes 20 and finally I have found what I have been  seeking.   I consider  stumbling onto your  book a divine intervention of sorts.  You understand you have to prove a theory.  Your work is research and my praise goes to you as a scientist and artist for explaining the science and art of personal presentation.    Tammy Morse

Your work is sacred, Irenee.  It is so much more respectful and non-violent to the body to find clothes that fit the body shape rather than to try to shape the body via diets, surgeries and over-exercising to fit the clothes.  I practice psychotherapy and I can say by my experience how important the inner and outer aspects of who we are to be both vitally important.    Jeanette McCarthy MFT, San Francisco


Thanks for sending the eBook; when you changed the original site it frightened me because it’s a kind of a Bible for me.   Anna Nureeve from Rouen France.


As an image consultant, through the teaching of these principles, with each client I not only understand what and how…but why.  I thrill seeing how each person is like a mystery to be unraveled.  Clients are amazed to see parts of themselves they never paid attention to, or even viewed as flaws, to be a unique and interesting part of their human design.  They become their own expert, and the consultation pays for itself with their first purchase and continues for the rest of life.  I highly recommend this proven work which outlines the whole body and color analysis process.  Darren Chappell, S.F. California CA


We developed a men’s clothing line in Germany and immediately saw the value of Irenee Riter’s innovative work.  Amazing.  Thomas Krischer and Georg Genfeld, Werl, Germany


Dear Irenee,   Please excuse me for my English- it is not my first language… I am returning to you for more wisdom and knowledge… Last year I purchased your amazing book ‘The Science of Personal Dress’ and would like to continue the studies with the Complete Training. I would like to turn my career in design into the field of Image consulting.  I believe that I have solid background in understanding design principles, but need more knowledge in practical application of these principles to the human coloring and lines. Have College Diploma in Arts and Interior design. Your Color Analysis system gives me much sense than many other, because it is not trying to fit individual into one of 4-12-16 categories, but unfolds person’s unique coloring. What I like in your book, that though you have 16 basic categories, but they organized in continuous way which gives endless possibilities for the Color Analyst and Image consultant to work with. I see great potential and logic in it.   Ingrid Kidenko,  Dubai, UAE


Thank you so much for all of your advice. For many years I thought I was spring, but there were spring colors I’d try to wear that really looked bad on me. Being an Autumn with spring influence explains that. The phone session was so interesting it didn’t seem to last 2 hours and I don’t think it could all be done without the phone call.   Laurie Tribble


Thank you for providing information that finally makes sense. Although I am not professionally trained in art, I do have a BS degree in Consumer Sciences and am a passionate bead-weaver and knitter. Your explanations on color, line, texture, etc. Your explanation about skintones has cleared up so much confusion and I appreciate your generosity for sharing your knowledge. Sincerely, Tina Gleason


Hello Irenee, Thank you so much for your website! I had my first color analysis with 16 in a workshop and have been reading books and websites ever since (I am 34 years now). Your website is so helpful and just great! It finally explains my doubts about my hair: it is rather mousy at the beginning and then reddish on the longer part – and that this actually balances my other “warmer” features is so important to know! …and my eyebrows: they are much darker than the rest of my coloring; I did not find any source that took this into account! Also I really liked your take on body forms. I am a round type and now understand why I am drawn to the more female details in clothing and that this is actually ok (I always thought I still have to wear “clean lines” to the office, but now I will try to incorporate more of “my” shapes) And I love your way of taking the hair as a frame for the rest, it really helped to put my view on fashion in a new perspective. Thank you very much. Best, !Verena from Germany

Review from Amazon.com Customer

A remarkable book! I have been a Fashion Consultant for the past 8 years and I am still reviewing Irenee’s book. I refer to it often just like a textbook. When working with clients and learning what their needs are, often times you need to get another person’s view. Picking up her book and rereading information has been so helpful. I thought I knew so much, then I take another look at her book and learn another tip. My favorite tip is when she discusses repeating your hair color with your dress. So simple to apply and it is such a beautiful look. I like that she shares so many colors person can wear, this is really a bonus for clients who don’t want to fit into a “box.” I love that she shares the science she has discovered behind it all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have had. Danielle Bryant Huntington Beach, Ca http://www.swissdot.com

Testimony #1

“So, I have been around the world of color theory a long time, a color journey of experts, and I am happy to draw it to a conclusion today with Irenee Riter.”

What have you learned?

“Well, I understand why different people saw me different ways because there were nuances of influences that were affecting the readings. Different people saw different percentages and now I am able to see there is a consistent Homebase and how these other influences can be worked with and at last I feel like I know who I am, what I am, and how I should proceed and I’m grateful for that.” Maggie Omen Shannon  San Francisco, California

Testimony #2

My 36-year odyssey to discover my most flattering personal colors and wardrobe design finally reached its wonderful destination when I met the remarkable Irenee Riter. Prior to discovering Irenee, unsatisfying results from many personal color consultants I worked with had kept me searching for what seemed to be elusive—a convincing personal color harmony experience. I had amassed 15 different color palettes that sometimes varied dramatically, even with the most basic selections of hair, skin and eye colors. Wearing many of the colors did not feel complementary or harmonious, nor did I feel more confident or radiant.

I was considering the time and resources I had expended over the years in my search. I had felt momentary enthusiasm after many consultations, but for various reasons enthusiasm proved fleeting because the results were inconsistent or disappointing. I questioned myself, trying to articulate the vague feeling that something was missing or being missed. I mentioned my frustration to my son one afternoon. He then casually asked; “What is the science behind this?”

Stunned by the simplicity of his comment, a new light sparkled in my mind. No one had truly been able to demonstrate or explain the basis for the colors they selected and said were in harmony with me. My path took a turn and I began searching for the science that explains why we look better in some colors and not others. I found my answer with Irenee Riter and her book; “The Science of Personal Dress.”

Considering myself a veteran color analysis client with a lot of experience of my own, I was immediately compelled to work with Irenee after studying her color material and the science of body shapes and line. Her approach is insightful, thorough, practical and usable. It is a testament to elegant simplicity. After I explained to her my long search for color and wardrobe answers, Irenee graciously agreed to personally work with me. I was elated!

My consultation with her was a revelation. Irenee extraordinarily gifted, and experienced. During our 3 hours together we went over much of the material in her book and I learned the precepts of personal color harmony. Irenee did a color analysis with her color tester and I learned my “Home Base Season” and which colors from other Seasons are also flattering. I learned about “balanced colors” which is a vital piece of information I had not encountered working with anyone else. We discussed hair, makeup and clothing lines. In short, Irenee guided me to better understand and express myself through my wardrobe by using her “universal language” of color and style.

Irenee’s positive perspective on life and continual affirmation of our individual uniqueness and beauty stimulated me to rally after having previously felt confused in my quest. I finally discovered answers and my colors, thus, my odyssey has ended, and in the most beautiful way—aglow in the wisdom of Irenee’s harmonic light. However, it is Irenee’s sincerity that is perhaps the loveliest gift I received from being with her. Thank you so much, Irenee, for sharing your sincere love and guidance.

Kathleen Boyd, Saratoga, California