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Irenee will personally validate your Homebase category and show you why, what and how to use your Inter-seasons colors.  This process is usually a 2-hour session on-line/telephone or Skype, and addresses body type, clothing lines, keysize and important aspects of  hair and makeup alignment.  The cost is $55 and your colors sent to you in a $12 fully illustrated 56-page Personal Profile Booklet.  Simply call 925-462-6255 for an appointment.  See link www.thescienceofdress.com bottom of page for testimonials.

   profile booklet products-redoval-names Profile Chart- colored x


To be certified usually indicates a person of expertise, however, genius is the result of great interest, love and continued focus. The Science of Personal Dress is now so well structured that astute people can train on their own if they have a few tools and some validating guidance from Irenee.  Here is a process of training that has a 100% success rating, meaning the principles are so consistent and valid that depending on the level of intent and with a desire to know, every one “gets it!” Here is what you will need to become a Colorist and a Color and Line Educator:

Certificate large

 1. The Science of Personal Dress Complete Study is the training manual and best studied in the classic print form ordered from Amazon.com.  Also it is suggested you order the eBook version from Irenee which shows the valid true back-lit colors beautifully displayed.

2. The Universal Language of Face Analysis so that you have a solid understanding of color, body and face analysis in order to really connect with universal color and lines on the deepest level.

It is highly recommended you take advantage of the Training Materials so that you can understand Universal Color and Line Principles based on The Law of Attraction and Energies involved.

● Color Tester ● Keysize Tester ● Hair & Eye Chart ● Color Display Chart ● Profile Book ● Inter-season sample books for Men and Women

It is important to have your colors and body shape validated and fine-tuned in the beginning with Irenee so that you have a solid understanding of yourself to use as a bench-mark from which to compare and build upon. This is the 2-hour session described above.  You will also have the Professional Wardrobe Session via Skype or FaceTime so that you may better align with the work. Then as you proceed through the teaching you will understand where you fit into the scheme of things.

After you complete your study we will review your work together by means of the 8-page certification exam and two test profiles which I will send you. The questions are fun to peruse and answer in order to clarify what may have been missed. We will work with your photos and questions and all this will be evaluated carefully and reviewed in the last Skype or phone/Online training and certification alignment session.

Eventually, you will come to realize that the 4 template energies of creation are everywhere. It is hard to miss once you have the basic idea and you will even be reading faces and clothes and all creative endeavors with a new eye—a knowing eye aware of the order, consistency and beauty of our universe and of one another. It is a remarkable study and only gets better and more meaningful.

The charge is $85 and your Certificate will be mailed to you after the final evaluation session (postage $12.)

As you may surmise, this is not a fashion study. It is an advanced color and line education learning process, merely focused through your body and dress for expanding self-awareness and to teach others. For in or out of the country, PayPal or bank transfers are good vehicles for payment invoiced through your email.

SOME EXAMPLES OF 8 PAGE EXAM QUESTIONS:  (Wouldn’t it be fun to really know these answers?) 1. Which color has the highest vibration? _______________ 3. What portion of the electromagnetic scale are we able to see?___________ 4. T/F Only in the presence of light do we see color. _________ 5. T/F The color that is not absorbed is the color we see. _________ 6. What 3 forms does color express through? ________ ________ ________ 7. Name the 3 primary colors of light. __________ __________ _________ 13. Luminosity means that a color is __________________ 20. What spectrum color is the brightest? _____________ 22. Which color is least flattering to most skintones?__________________ 24. Name the color associated with high rank and royalty. ______________ 67. Name the two kinds of ruddy skintones. _________________________ 68. What color best cools off ruddy skintones? ________________ 69. T/F Lack of pigmentation in the skin causes the skin to be very dark. _______ 70. Name the six major ways a color can be changed: 75. Name several warm icys. ______________________________________ 77. Which red in the red family is moderate enough to be worn by most people? ____ 80. Why do people with warm orangey skintones look good in blue? ____________ 81. Which of the purple colors “doubles” for an Autumn blue? ________________ 82. What are the best colors to coordinate with yellow?____ 83. What can be worn with rust to cool it down? _______________ 130. What overall form is best to achieve when designing a person’s hairstyle? _____ 131. What height begins to communicate regal lines for women? _____________ 141. Could pushed-up sleeves on a sweater give a feminine feeling? 143. Why are thick, untreated leathers more masculine? _____________________ 145. Which is more feminine, lace or rhinestones? ________________________ 161. What gender is a tweed skirt? ________________ 162. T/F A lack of proportion gives the off-beat note for trendy fashions. ______ MORE EXAMPLES of EXAM: In front of the following list of dress items, draw the symbol which most represents what the feeling of the item is communicating.

pointed shoes
round necklines
pin tucking
medium length hair
tiny polka dots
ex. large polka dots
ex. large checks
tiny checks
belt loops
no buttons
bell bottom
patch pockets
bone buttons
ballerina shoes
natural weaves
terry cloth
thin straps
puff sleeves
cap sleeves
wooden buttons
cross stitching
large shoulder pads
curly hair
low heels
high heels
wedge heels
contrast piping
extra large buttons
high waistlines
low waistlines
dotted Swiss
top stitching
tapered shirts
hidden pockets
petrified stones
brassy gold
short skirts
mandarin collars
eyelet holes
cable stitch
tennis shoes
lace edging
page-boy haircuts
diamond shapes
plaid patterns
side ties
star shapes
sleeveless dresses
2-piece outfits
center hair
long fingernails
round pockets
rubber soles
low necklines
delicate rings
peddle pushers
natural leather
self buttons
western boots
colored buttonholes
long dresses
double breasted
leather lacing
wedge hairstyles
leather jackets
boat necklines


Final Certification Exercise ~ To produce 2 finely tuned analyses

Profile Chart example blank Profile Chart-example filled out


“After doing the Questionnaire I wanted to make sure I was seeing the whole picture so I had a session with Irenee.  I sent in a photo and filled out the Information form and was so glad to at last get a real feel for what colors and clothing lines were for me.  I felt so validated after years of confusion.  The best investment I ever made!”  — GP Oregon

“I loved every minute I spent with Irenee.  Her years of experience brought me the information I have longed for, and now I have the tools to consciously know what and why and how to put myself together.”  — KR Germany

“Wish I had known this before.  Years ago I had my colors done and it never felt quite right. Some things just didn’t add up, but now that I understand my Interseason influences it all makes sense.   I would recommend a session with Irenee to anyone.”  — LR California

“I printed out 10 pages and took them to bed last night. Already I’m blown away by the effort you have put into this book. You have skillfully presented all the important theories and concepts of color and line in a well written and illustrated book. Something I’ve always wanted to do but did not have the time….or frankly the writing skills to do nearly as well as you have.  Irenee, I am semi-retired now and I only train about 4-5 students a year. My system (Essential Colors) uses a different language but principles are universal. I would love to have your book be a text book to supplement my hands on training, and cheap, there is no substitute for a hard copy when we are talking about a reference or textbook.”. Donna Cognac,AICI, CIP