Body Analysis: new paradigm

Early on we had a very sophisticated Inter-season color program, but one day a woman Irenee had previously analyzed came to her with a problem and asked, “Why is it I love this dress so much? You said it is the wrong color for me but I like it.” Irenee looked at her and said, “I don’t know. I like it too…let’s find out.” Somehow, this particular dress was so perfect for her body it went beyond colors. So, that one experience brought in a whole new dimension of color analysis…body analysis! You need right clothing lines for the right body. lady body shape drawing +contrast

Anyone with a background of The Science of Personal Dress study can see the correlation between lines of body and lines of clothing. Precise lines necessitate certain actions and restrictions―for example, a straight-line is innately masculine and functions differently than a feminine wavy-line. These functions are universal.

masc-fem lines

We now see how consistently lines relate to dress. Moreover, lines further extend to how the whole body shape is actually “constructed.” In essence, lines basically have 4 geometric forms (oval, circle, square and triangle) which also correlate precisely to the  lines and patterns associated with the 4 seasons (winter, summer, autumn and spring.)

Our bodies are created from these same basic geometric forms.



bodies -women align Red lines

This is why it is important to know your body shape and which clothing lines are most attractive and comfortable. You can’t fit a square into a round hole.

sqyare hole

Every body and clothing line detail is itemized, illustrated and listed in “The Science of Personal Dress Complete Study.”

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