Question about Color Analysis Tester: from Autumn Homebase, which direction to Winter?

Question:  Dear Irenee; I have a question about the Training Color Tester and how to interpret the result, if your best colours most are neutral (no. 6/Clear) and are (no.2/Autumn.) Which season do I belong to then? Let say I am Bright Spring or a Deep Autumn, which colours should then suit me the most in the Color Tester?  Great material you have produced, it´s so accurate.  Looking forward to hear from you! Thanks. Best regards from Anette in Denmark    

Anette photo blog3inAnette dear, Thank you for sharing what many are wondering about because this is new to most.  Good for you, wanting to define your Homebase first so your vision is looking outward from a solid base.  Here is your situation.  Yes, you have an Autumn Homebase. That is important to start from and yes, you do have Winter influence  (second photo.) But you would completely disregard your lovely light blue eyes if you go the wrong way past Spring to Winter.  You have to go to the right from Autumn to Winter and as you pass Summer you pick up a some light colors out of balanced-soft and summer to honor your light eye color.


Inter-season Clear too heavyInter-season Soft side not far...Inter-season Autumn to Winter x adding bal lt

The reason you are struggling is because you know you need more color than Autumn, and of course #6 is an easy fix but it is not the right fix. I see no indication of Spring traits at all unless you can send me evidence. You have lovely coloring but it won’t satisfy you until you understand this aspect of yourself.  That is why I emphasize over again, go to page 227 in the Complete Study and sit under a tree and get your arsenal of TOOLS lined up (God bless this kind of arsenal of beauty and color instead of war.)

Careful attention to characteristic traits will be helpful guides to establish a true Homebase.  The fact that you have a large Keysize will actually add poise and sophistication to your Autumn/Winter influence. And then, add your lighter feminine touch in color and line for magic.

Everyone can see there is so much more to consider than just colors. The energy of each Homebase includes  vibrating movement of color, lines, and shapes all in coherence with the season (to be aesthetically consistent so that all the separate parts fit together and add up to a harmonious or credible whole.) This gives even greater possibility of expression for the individual.  Look for traits like a sparkly eye, magnetic glow to the skin, dark eyebrows, freckles, widow’s  peak, low contrast, high contrast, even light eyebrows, curly hair, thin skin. Check Questionnaire lists of traits for more clues. Everyone has a Homebase for sure. In fact, there are classic Homebase  individuals who don’t even wear balanced colors at all.


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