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BIO | The Science of Personal Dress | Color Analysis


irenee-riter-lg “I didn’t invent a color system, so much as discover an order to human colors and body lines which already exist, and then organized them into harmonics based on art principles exhibited by Nature. Just as sound exists within a certain range of human perception, so does color and line; just as music creates mood, has a theme and evokes emotion, so does color and line. I have orchestrated, if you will, colors and lines just as musical notes of the scale are organized so that one can deliberately create with color and line. Because of this Order, we now have a system which can be quickly learned so that a person can compose with not only color, but visible texture and shape which portrays each color.”

One of the early pioneers of color analysis, Irenee went beyond conventional 4 season color methods and developed “balanced” colors – the arrangement of colors into harmonic sequence. This supplied the missing link for which colorists were looking.

Color and line educator, Irenee is author and illustrator of eighteen products, training tools and books on color, line and structural form of the human body. Irenee designed four progressive color programs and worked with innovative printers developing training books and tools for colorists to use throughout the country and Europe. Irenee is also a Certified Graduate of The American School of Protocol.


“Even though this subject has kept me interested and intrigued for many years, it has been an evolving process supported by many, many people―knowingly and perhaps not so knowingly.  I thank every person who has passed by and helped to validate the consistent order and harmony of the principles explained in this work.  The following individuals have consciously given their support and input beyond measure:

Marilyn Sandon, the very first person to see the value and invest and train as a colorist. For her hours editing this eBook, valuable insights and The Science of Personal Dress title concept; and mostly for her enduring, patient friendship for 45 years.

Jana Riter Raleigh, my daughter, for invaluable designing development and continually setting a high standard of professionalism as well as business acuity with strong ideals; she loyally stood by always offering her support and artistic expertise.

Marian Chapman, my sister, for editing and working with me in presenting the material in a practical step by step format with knowledgeable insights keeping it simple as the concepts evolved, always faithfully there as an astute sounding board for discussion.

Jerry Lyman, brilliant physicist and mathematician, for guidance in moving the data into the computer-age world of technology, seeing the value of the work and taking it to the next level by designing presentation formats and giving me his strong input and always ever caring support.

Kristen Riter, my daughter for expressing her talent and wise support with the videos and constant feedback; to her husband Eddy Erpelding, clothing manufacturer and designer providing the opportunity to work with his wonderful Lily Farouche clothing in Germany as I learned to apply the principles to another level of couture design.

Birdean Larsen for introducing me to color analysis in the first place, being by my side at the printing presses through four successive programs and being my quiet long enduring friend and confident for so many years.

Linda Denise for taking my teachings literally and proceeding to prove the lines of clothing were universally applicable at even greater depth.

Elizabeth Swanner who generously gathered people to launch my first color analysis presentation and gave hours of counsel and insights, wordsmithing with me ad infinitum.

Daryl Vanderhaar owner of Ironwood Lithographers for the thousands of books they printed giving us the opportunity to express complicated color layouts even before six color presses were available.

Butler Crittendon for helping me as a fledgling novice computer-want-to-be and giving a devoted hand when it was surely needed.

Loc Huynh, computer instructor extraordinaire and technical expert making this book possible with his very timely and patient support, teaching me in class and then updating programs and keeping me in the game.

Zanne Gray, Questionnaire inspiration and guidance, President of Industry Connection.

Lorenzo Pena Marrero, outstanding professor of computer science and programming, and continuing tech development of The Quest and program presentations.

Eileen Forte for helping modernize this site and patiently guiding me along the way with her expertise and safety net.

My 4 sons, Steven (square) Cary (oval) Gregory (triangle) and Michael (circle) were classic examples of the four body shapes: who years ago were the perfect models for the 4 male body-shape drawings in this book. My whole family provided the ideal workshop to reveal practical insights into color Inter-seasons because they represented the perfect mixtures and combinations for the work.  Synchronicity? For sure!

It is not possible to name all the hundreds of colorists who have been trained, and who in turn trained into the thousands.  We were all in this together but I had the fun of keeping track as it progressed by illustrating and writing it down. If some of the pictures are dated…well, it has been a long intoxicating journey.”

Early on, Irenee was president of Colors Persona Corporation for 15 years and designed the marketing and testing procedures for D’Saison Creative Colors in Huston Texas in association with the Miss America advisor.  She worked with professional photographers and a progressive custom clothing manufacturer, Designs on You, in Missouri as well as a company developing  custom clothing using high-tech computer programming in Chicago. Irenee lectured for Ray’s Institute of Design in Chicago, taught at the Classic beauty Colleges in Arizona and the College of Marin and DeAnza College in California.

The prestigious Academy of Art in San Francisco, California offered Irenee the opportunity to teach the required foundation color and line classes for new students through the fashion department. The classes developed for the 90 hour course has culminated in the complete study now offered in The Science of Personal Dress Complete Study.

Irenee is the mother of six children and twelve grand children and resides in Pleasanton, California.  She now writes and continues to illustrate and develop website teachings and printed books related to these subjects.  Her latest books are The Universal Language of Face Analysis and The Vivid Beauty, Manners, Etiquette and Charm Handbook for Women and Girls. Recently, to this has been added a wonderful version for the whole family: “Timeless Manners, Charm and Etiquette CHECKLIST for Ages 3 to 100.”