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The Science of Personal Dress | Color Analysis | Color analysis and dress style for your body type


Free Color and Body Questionnaire Here



There are many programs available at various levels of consciousness and each adds to the whole.  However, this particular work is focused through basic universal principles that do not change or move around which gives us a rock solid foundation from which to expand.  The body is structured to perceive life through its own perspective never before experienced in just that unique way. We all sense self-analysis is important and see deeper ramifications if only beginning with color analysis at first. We then advance deeper into the body and face lines…just as important.  There are three aspects to personal analysis termed: TECH Color Analysis, TECH Body Analysis, and TECH Face Analysis.

COMPLETE 2015 COVER lt   Cover WOMEN GIRLS Xx2   Title Men Boy front cover34pxnoccPDF   

COVER Face Analysis   Impeccably 300PX 3 in   COVER VIVID Women Girls bdr cropped   FACE 300PX 3 in

Irenee has completed 8 Books on the Science of Personal Dress and related subjects in eBook format and also in printed form available on Amazon.com.  She is also a Certified Graduate of The American School of Protocol which is a great extension of personal style and refinement. This now allows another level of service and this is to announce the recent discovery of what technology has opened up for us all.  We can actually offer personal analysis on Skype and through photos enlarged in Photoshop.  No guessing and absolute satisfaction guaranteed.  We keep on keeping on until one’s natural “essence” is aligned and it feels natural.  Each person is a mystery to be unraveled and this is an exhilarating process, especially when it is based on universal principles that not only explain what, but why it all works together. This allows the person to see themselves in complete harmony with nature and exactly how they fit into the scheme of things.


Adrienee 1 Adrienee 2 Adrienee 3

Adrienne using own Color Tester and turning the pages as Irenee directed through all the colors.
Below, Glenda’s photo enlarged in Photoshop; Corina’s photo shows Irenee’s desk and Color Tester.

Glenda yellow Corrine

Technology has now made fine-tuned color analysis available for all those astute beings who would like to get the job done once and for all…and this applies to everyone from London to Australia. Some report having spent $5,000 over the years trying to accomplish what we can do in a 2-hour session through Skype for $55. Adrienne turned the pages of her color-tester and I double-checked from my desktop tester. Not having Skype, Glenda just sent in her photo, I enlarged it in Photoshop, and I could still see the differences on my screen by putting my tester up to her virtual chin as she followed along with the eBook on her computer. Corina also sent me her photo and it is thrilling to find this works so well. I can see what the Homebase patterns are right away because of my years of experience, but the point is to make sure you see it and know what, why and how to practically apply it—most need direction on how to integrate their Inter-season colors. This is why a mistake on the correct Homebase throws everything off and is vital to establish first, then secondary influences fall right into place with traits.  At any rate, this gives us a very high chance of getting the Homebase essence right away, but if more complicated we continue until we do.


Next, with Skype or photos, we  analyze your body to determine your best lines. The first hour is usually enough for the color analysis and Inter-season component, and then we check your body shape. I ask that you gather three items of clothing that you love so that we can start from success to better understanding a recipe of dress that makes sense and saves us time.


This third aspect of analysis is so important to a finely tuned analysis that it has been expanded on two levels in the newly released book The Universal Language of FACE ANALYSIS. This is in print on Amazon (a great book to have in hand for reference) or in eBook format from the website. Every student of dress needs this because it covers what underlies form and color and will bring a greater understanding of the more refined nuances of the art of personal dress. During our Skype session we will determine your KEYSIZE and go over your face features and how they impact your clothing lines (the sizes of your collars, pleats, belts, jewelry, patterns, bows, straps, cuffs, ruffles, trims, watches, buttons, purses and accouterments associated with dress style.)  Often it is just the keysize lines and spaces that need to be adjusted for alignment with the size and spacing of ones face features and hairstyle.  Cher and Steve need entirely different Keysizes, one large and the other smaller.

COVER Face Analysis     Cher large keysize   Steve small keysize

But there is more to all this than what first appears—not only does this apply to dress, but goes deeply into the expression of the personality itself. Face features are the God-given pattern design through which each personality perceives.  This book is unusual because for the first time it connects the basic language of line-design and shows exactly what it expresses on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and through the personality as well. The study of face structure is based on validated scientific research showing that the structure of something defines its automatic function. Face traits are illustrated to short-cut long descriptions so the reader can see easy associative connections. Finally, the history and background of face analysis is presented, along with the position on the body of 90 illustrated traits, full descriptions of each trait, their universal meanings and what they communicate. This teaching is a powerful asset on every level, giving one the opportunity to ease into a flow of sensitive, positive, non-judgmental communication, and a better understanding for relationships, in sales, friends and most important of all—self-knowledge. You are welcome to come join in the research and expansion of this remarkable Complete Study though the exercise of fine-tuning your analyses.



Here is the best part for later in another session if needed. For those who really want to learn for themselves how to coordinate a wardrobe, Skype has made this possible. These longer sessions virtually are the same as me sitting in your bedroom or somewhere near your computer and helping you learn how to pull your combinations together. Once you experience how this is done on yourself, you will “own it” and will know how to make it work all the time. I have worked with people for years this way and it usually takes 3 hours and is life-changing at a very high level. Everything from jewelry to boots and shoes are pulled into the picture and makes such a difference—and we can save things from the “not so good pile” and make them actually work (Newbie’s often take their colors literally and in their enthusiasm tend to throw things out that just may need alteration to fit or tied back in with the right contrast, their hair or eye colors.) I turn into everyone’s Auntie Mayme and it becomes a very comfortable rich experience.   See Joan Fabrique on page 304 in The Complete Study. This professional method for upgrading wardrobes is outlined on page 243. If you are ready for me with an assistant to help you change and keep a list of “to do’s,” the charge would be $85.   Personal research at its prime.

I would welcome your call at 925-462-6255 for further details.